It’s probably about time I post something on my favorite movie. Ever the romantic and ever the Leo fan, my passionately romantic self has been in love with all things Shakespeare since forever. I love everything about this film: the actors, the costumes, the music, the love. This is perfection.



Life in Colour

Pastel Locks is literally my favorite site. 



Let’s take a minute to talk about the wonder that is GIRLS. If you aren’t watching, you need to be. GIRLS is a fabulous comedy on HBO, that’s basically Sex and the City for post-college Brooklyn gals. As a 26 year old living in Brooklyn, this is the most realistic representation of what life is really like here. There are moments on the show that are completely inaccurate, but there are those “OMG” moments that are spot on. Seriously…I am a recreation of Jessa & Hannah. Jessa had my exact dream wedding. Ok…here are a few pictures to keep us going until Season 2!

Bonus: follow Lena Dunham, the creator and my new idol, on Instagram for loads of greatness.

Sweet Jane

Lonely, hot day in Brooklyn. Spent the day reading, watching Dawson’s Creek, making turkey burgers and drinking beer. Quiet…just what I needed. Here is a little love..a little romance, little 90s, a little Texas Forever. Alotta fun.

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Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials